Over 50 years of serving the Burnaby community!

Stuart Lloyd Owner & Hearing Instrument Practitioner
Stuart Lloyd
Owner & Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Lloyd Hearing Solutions has been in the business of providing Burnaby residents with high-quality hearing solutions since 2013, however, Stuart Lloyd has been serving the community for over 27 years and his family has been doing so for over 50 years.

We have a reputation for providing top-notch, personalized hearing care to our clients not only in Burnaby but in the surrounding areas as well, and we take great pride in maintaining that reputation.

Our clients are our lifeblood, and we are deeply passionate about providing the best possible care to every person who walks through our doors. Aside from administering the latest in hearing aid evolution in Burnaby, we also firmly believe that it is just as important to educate our clients as it is to provide them with the most technologically advanced hearing solutions on the market today. When you are able to understand the importance of great hearing and know what the warning signs of hearing loss are, you can ensure that you are always able to live your best life.

This commitment to excellence has made us the premier provider of hearing care in Burnaby. Our team is now led by Stuart Lloyd, who has grown up in the family business of supplying the Lower Mainland with a comprehensive range of hearing products and services.

Stuart says, “When my father started the hearing clinic over 50 years ago, he built our family business on integrity, trust and professionalism. I am proud to say that those values have been maintained when caring for clients today.”

Our History

Despite the fact that our current location has just recently celebrated its third anniversary, rest assured that Lloyd’s family has been in the business of caring for your hearing health for more than 50 years. We believe it is important to keep up with the times, and this means that we grow, expand and relocate based on the needs of our clientele.

Lloyd Hearing Solutions is a family business that is owned and operated by Stuart Lloyd, the son of our founder David Lloyd. Under Stuart’s leadership, you can expect the same level of friendliness, professionalism and passion for hearing care that you are accustomed to receiving from our team.

“I take the time to get know each client and make sure that I am providing the highest standard of individualized care,” says Stuart.

Hearing Care is Health Care

Your hearing is a priceless gift that you should never take for granted. It is easy to forget about hearing health until you are experiencing a problem, but it is important to take preventive steps toward maintaining great hearing, especially as you age.

It is normal for the quality of your hearing to decline as you get older, which is why you should schedule regular hearing tests while you are young. This helps to establish a healthy baseline, and it makes it easier for professionals to see when your hearing begins to decline to the point that treatment is the best option. Regular hearing tests are a quick and easy way to ensure that your hearing stays healthy as you age.

Using hearing aids can help to keep your brain fit and your faculties sharp. When you have untreated hearing loss, it is easy to become more isolated. You may feel out of touch with friends and family, or you might simply notice that you are less able to connect with the world around you. Choosing the right hearing aids can help you dive back into social activities and hobbies, both of which are crucial for preventing cognitive decline and depression.

Remember this advice from University of Bordeaux professor Helene Amieva: “It is never too late to act against hearing impairment. The sooner you treat hearing impairment, the better for your cognition.”