I was scared of adopting hearing aids, thinking they’d make me old and decrepit. Stuart gave me a hearing test, advised me to think about hearing aids, and then left me to get used to the idea. Six months later, I went back, and Stuart put me into a set for a 1-month free trial. I was a convert that first day and have worn them every waking hour since. No one notices them, my family and friends are thrilled that I can take part in group conversations again, and I’m pretty good even in noisy restaurants.

Stuart has been gently supportive throughout this process. His after-sale support is great – I can drop by at short notice and he’ll provide maintenance and advice. My brother in law, who bought his aids through a big box store, is still struggling to fully make them part of his life. The support Stuart offers is key to successful adoption of this technology.

Thanks Stuart!

Warm regards,

Peter Phibbs